Online Marketing

 getting people to know who you are

Online Marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to talk to your customers. It sells your brand 24/7 without you needing to be awake for those hours.
It can help you drive revenue directly and quickly like no other marketing tool can.

However it isn’t just about driving revenue. Online marketing also helps build relationships with your customers and they get an insight into who you are and your business. You can express who you are through content that customers can access at any time.

It’s also personal. People often think that online marketing is broad, however if your targeting is correct and accurate; you can reach people on a personal level with your product and show them what is right for them.

Data drives online marketing, so part of my process is really understanding who your customer is, what channels they are using and what is most likely to attract them to buy from your brand.

  • Reach

    You can reach more people and deliver them your content quickly. You can talk to someone, wherever they are, about your business

  • Cost

    The cost of online marketing is significantly less than offline marketing with social media being completely free

  • Personal

    With the right targeting you can reach the right people with content and products that are relevant for them

  • Always on

    Online marketing is always on. If your customers are looking at 9pm at night, you’ll be there to say hello

The Different Types


email newsletters

Email is a really powerful tool to get you straight into the hands of your customers in a really cost-effective way. It helps drive brand awareness, but also helps loyal customers remember you.


pay per click

Pay per click, or PPC, refers to Google’s own advertising in search results.
It helps drive traffic and rank you higher when you website is earning credibility. It also helps you show up higher for some more highly competitive keywords


social media

Social media will help you tell the story of your business on the channels that they use on a daily basis. It also includes social paid advertising, which can be a really powerful tool


display adverts

Display adverts are run using Google’s system to reach the right people on the right websites. A key part of this is making sure your ads stand out and drive traffic

Key Information

What's Included

  • Strategy planning
  • Advice about each channel
  • Set-up of any channels required
  • Graphics that need creating
  • Template creation



per hour


How do I know what my business needs?

It’s really hard to know what kind of marketing you need, it completely depends on where you customers are. That’s where I can advise you make sure you spend your money to get the best results

How much do adverts cost?

It completely depends. Facebook adverting let’s you start from as little as £5, where as display has a minimum spend of £50. I can help you understand what the cost of running any online advertising would be, but also the positive impact it would have on your business.

What is strategy planning?

Strategy planning goes through what you want to achieve as your business, we talk about budget and then finally create a plan of what you should be aiming to do over the next 3 months.

Do you have on-going marketing support?

Yes I do. Starting at £190 a day I offer you 1 day a month that is solely dedicated to planning your business strategy with you. That could be advertising planning, social media strategy or creating a content plan with you. It means that you have someone to focus on your marketing, whilst you deal with all the orders. If you require more days, they are priced at £190 a day per month


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