Baby Boutique Logo & Branding

Marina had just started her business and was looking for a baby boutique logo and branding. She had some beautiful European products, that were both minimal, but had lovely touches, that really highlighted the quality of her store.

She had some ideas of things she liked but didn’t know how to get it across in branding. So we worked together to really define her business and also look at current trends in the market. I came up with a few concepts, but we loved the soft style of the nighttime hippo.

I used soft greys and pinks really gave the whole look a feeling of softness and delicateness, with the bold brush font, in the baby boutique logo, adding a fun element to the logo.

Also, I added night time elements, like stars and watercolour clouds, to add layers and depth to the branding. They’re also used for backgrounds and stationery design, so her brand looks seamless offline and online.

Find out about BrandingContact Me
Find out about BrandingContact Me

She is so kind, understanding and knowledgeable and always listens.

This was the start of an amazing journey, Lydia straight away understood what I had in mind.  Everything has just been perfect, from the initial consultation, the mood boards, the stationary, the design, the fonts, everything was just perfect.


Marina Melotte – The Hoppi Hippo

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