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Paolo approached to create an ice cream logo and branding for his business. He had recently taken over from his father and, therefore, was looking to update his current branding and website to appeal to more businesses and high-end consumers.

One thing he struggled with, was having a clear vision for his business and therefore his ice cream logo and branding.

To overcome this, I asked him to fill in a questionnaire with probing questions, that got to the heart of what his business was, who his customers are and the personality of the company.

With all this in mind, for his ice cream logo and branding, we opted for fun bright colours, but it also looked professional and clean for business customers.

He also asked me to create a set of ice cream icons we could use on ice cream menus that matched the branding. These were one of my favourite elements to work on, and they turned out super cute. You can see them all on his website here.

Find out about BrandingContact Me
Find out about BrandingContact Me

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Great website built by Lydia and branding my company logo for Loraso Ice Cream


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