Wedding Photographer Branding

Fresh Shoot Studios had been running a couple of years and trends had moved on quite quickly from her original branding. Amelia wanted wedding photographer branding that was going to last a long time and was feminine to match her clientele.

Her style of photography was so strong, I wanted to ensure that her branding represented both the high quality of her work and was premium to attract the right customers.

We started to look at other photography wedding brands to ensure that we stood out from her competitors and had a brand that represented her personality and style.

  • Longevity

    A brand that was classic and would not change too much based on current trends

  • Feminine Branding

    Helping customers understand her business and showcase her style of photography

  • Unique

    Something that people are going to remember in a crowded marketplace

Wedding Photographer Branding for Premium Photographer

I began the brand design with a mood board with a variety of styles. Amelia came to me with her original green colour, that she wanted to retain but give it a slightly more premium and modern twist.

I looked at colours that would compliment the greens and also represent a premium wedding photographer brand that would last a long time. We chose soft corals that can be used as a secondary colour on stationery designs and her photography website.

The logo was kept to the original design, however with a slight change to the colours to match the new greens we had picked out for the branding.

For Fresh Shoot Studios, we went on to produce stationery, brochures and a website design that brought Amelia more revenue and customers.

If you’re looking to update your wedding photographer branding, I would love to work with you and develop a brand that suits your personality and your business.