Boutique Ecommerce Website

Marina was looking to start her business selling baby products on a boutique ecommerce website.

It was vital for her to manage her website, fulfil orders and add products whenever she needed. So I ensured that everything she needed was always at her fingertips.

Another key focus was ensuring that it was easy to navigate and for people to find products quickly. We worked on clear navigation and an easy to use filtered search. Plus, adding a wishlist functionality so that people could view their list of saved products again.

It’s also important that people could check-out easily, so I added instant pay on Apple and Google phones. Plus people could pre-order items that were coming soon.

Find out about online shopsContact Me
Find out about online shopsContact Me

Key Features


save & share products


coming soon items


top items to show


mobile ready

Apple Pay

instant checkout

Google Wallet

instant checkout

If you’re looking into having a website design, you have got to get in touch with Lydia.

My website has been up and running about 5 month’s now and I get daily comments on how beautiful, amazing and how user-friendly the website is. I still work with Lydia and will continue working with her.  She is so kind, understanding and knowledgeable and always listens.



Contact Me

I would love to hear from you if you want to know more about how you can start selling baked goods online. Fill in the form below or call me on 07854 308050, to have a good chat about your business.

However, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, read my recent guides on all things running a business.