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Lisa from Lisa Todd Designs had a website that was quickly getting out of date and also needed regular updates. So, she wanted to freshen up her website to keep up with new technology, but keep the look and feel of the previous one. I helped her create a homeware online shop that she could keep up to date herself with regular posts and information. Therefore it was important for Lisa to be able to easily update her blog and keep people up to date with promotions.

Furthermore, we looked at the navigation on the site, to ensure that any other products were easy to find. Also, introducing key products of the homepage to encourage more sales.

I provided her with an easy to manage e-commerce system that would be optimised for newer technology, but also looked familiar to her previous site.

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Easy to find all her products

A key part of the homeware online shop was ensuring all her products were easy to find. With a new navigation layout and filters on the shop, it was easier than ever for customers to find her products.

The less clicks a customer has to make to find a product the more likely they are to convert online. So it’s key to keep your products as easy to find as possible.

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