E-commerce Website Design

An online shop design that will grow with your business

You’re running a business and working hard at getting your products in front of your customers. Is your online shop doing the same?

A boutique e-commerce website should grow as you do, be easy to manage and most importantly, customers should be able to find what they want and purchase within a few clicks.

Your online shop should work smarter, so you don’t have to work harder.

My Process

& Planning

We work together to get together a plan for all the content, types of products and finding all your current data.

Also, you give me all your brand guidelines and content for the website. Need brand guidelines?

& Structure

I look into what the best format for the site would be with the number of products and information you have.

We look at the URL structure for SEO and the way all the elements work together for a seamless experience.


Following all the research I build your website so that it matches your exact requirements.

We go through a couple of phases for any edits you need, ensuring it works for your customers.

Data & Content Input

The final stage is inputting all the data and content correctly and sending me any missing data and content so that I can add it.

Live &

The exciting time. We put your website live, and I give you access to my online training modules so you can learn how to use your online shop.

I sort out all hosting and changes, so it’s easy to put live.

It Only Takes Ten Weeks

E-commerce website design typically takes around ten weeks, from planning to putting it live.

I build the new e-commerce website on my servers, so your current site will never be down.

The Cost


Included in the package

  • Responsive Website
  • On-brand design
  • Structural SEO
  • Product page template
  • Payment Set-Up
  • Category Page Templates
  • Search Functionality on products
  • Filters on Shop and Category pages.


Wholesale Section
Sell your products to retailers, with their own logins and pricing.


Custom Shop Badge
Add custom badges to your shop, for example Coming Soon.


Custom Data on Checkout
Add custom fields to your checkout process, for example, delivery date.


Custom Data in Back-end
If you require extra data to be visible to you when you login and review order, I can add it for you.


Custom Development
Anything is possible, so if you have something specific in mind, let me know and I will create it for you.

Why Me?

Trusting someone to help your business to grow, can be a tough decision. So why me? I’ve been developing online shops for over six years, both small and large. If I looked back at my work from then to now, I’m so proud of how it’s developed. You can see my most recent work here.

Plus, I trained with Google on their mobile first online shop team to help develop large corporate websites. We worked on figuring out how consumers are now using online shops and getting people to convert as efficiently as possible.

If you are looking into having a website designed, you have got to get in touch with Lydia.

My website has been up and running about 5 month’s now and I get daily comments on how beautiful, amazing and how user-friendly the website is. I still work with Lydia and will continue working with her.  She is so kind, understanding and knowledgeable and always listens.


Marina Melotte – The Hoppi Hippo

My Latest Work

Frequently Asked Question

Can I manage my content and products?

I give you all you need so you can manage all your products and website moving forward. However, I am always around if you need a helping hand.

Who is the payment provider?

PayPal is the standard option; however, I would always recommend getting a service like Stripe as it will take credit card payments the easiest in the system. Plus it adds Apple and Google Instant Buy Options on the product page.

What system do you use?

I use WooCommerce running on a WordPress CMS. There are quite a few reasons for this, but the main one is ease of use and the flexibility to create whatever you need, which isn’t always possible on other systems, without a high cost.

What are the payment plans?

Yes, I have two ways to pay.

  1. Over 12 months: I take the payments over 12 months. There is an extra 10% surcharge for bank fees.
  2. Three instalments during the project.
    1. 10% before the project starts to book my time.
    2. 50% after the initial build.
    3. 40% when the website goes live.



£70 per month

The platinum hosting is the best for e-commerce sites, who are looking to grow. It’s limitless, it’s fast and continuously monitored.
You also get a staging area, so you can view any substantial edits you make before pushing them straight to the live site. No errors, no downtime.
SSL certificates are a requirement for online shops, and they’re included in the platinum package, so no extra fees.
Plus, there is a built-in content-delivery network, to increase your page speed, ranking you higher with Google, which usually costs £30 per month.


£15 per month

My regular package is a much more basic hosting package. It’s great for start-ups and people taking their first steps towards a new website.
It isn’t a managed service, so only urgent issues are included.


£5 per 5 emails addresses per month

I host your emails on my server so that any issues that occur I can help deal with directly.

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