Fresh Shoot Studios


Amelia from Fresh Shoot Studios wanted a brochure to handout during wedding fairs and other events where she would be talking to customers. It had to represent her brand, tell people about her and convince them to purchase.

My role was to ensure that it was beautifully designed and printed to the same high quality standards as her work. The first part of this process was understanding what she wanted to achieve with the brochure and looking through her work for the images that fitted the best within the space.

Then we had an editing and proofing stage, where Amelia ensured the brochure was 100% perfect for her business, before it went to be printed on high quality paper.

  • High Standard

    A brochure that represented the high standard of her work

  • Increase bookings

    A tool she could use at wedding fairs and events to increase bookings

  • 100% happy

    Ensuring she was 100% happy with the brochure before it went to print