Homeware Ecommerce Website

Lisa from Lisa Todd Designs had a website that worked for her, however, was quickly getting out of date and needed regular updates. She wanted to freshen up her website to keep up with new technology, but keep the look and feel of the previous one. I helped her create a homeware ecommerce website that she could keep up to date herself with regular posts and information.

As with any ecommerce website, it is key to have her products shown on her homepage, be able to easily update her blog and keep people up to date with promotions.

I provided her with an easy to manage e-commerce system that would be optimised for newer technology, but also looked familiar to her previous site.

  • Highlight Products

    Have the most popular products on the homepage

  • Branding

    Keep the branding in-line with her previous website for continuity

  • Produce blogs

    Able to write and produce her own blogs easily

  • E-commerce

    Easy to manage e-commerce site

Homeware ecommerce website for Lisa Todd Designs

The most important part of homeware ecommerce website design is to ensure that the design is responsive and fast. So I looked up upgrading the technologies so they fit in with more modern techniques and design standards.

I made sure all the products were easily found and the navigation around the site was clear and easy to use.

I created blog and page templates so Lisa Todd could easily update the website whenever required, especially for upcoming promotions and sales.