cake designer branding

Denise had run Great Cakiness for a while and felt she wasn’t getting the clients she wanted for her business. She wanted cake designer branding that would be feminine and premium so that she could stand out as a wedding cake designer.

It was important to ensure she appeared as a professional cake designer, instead of a start-up business. It was essential to make sure her cake designer branding showed her as the high quality, premium brand that she is.

The first part of my brand design process was speaking to Denise, looking through her work and understanding of her personality. She instantly came across as an expert, and her cakes were gorgeous. She needed photography and wedding cake designer branding to represent that.

  • Feminine Branding

    Denise required a premium feminine brand to represent her as a professional cake designer

  • Unique Design

    Cake designer branding that would stand out in the wedding industry

  • Premium branding

    A brand that meant she could attract more high-quality clients and charge a premium price

Cake Designer Branding

Mood boards

I start with a few mood boards for cake designer branding, which Denise chose from for a final look and feel. She instantly fell in love with soft pinks colour and gold. I then worked on soft teals and blues to compliment the soft pink.

The pink gave her the feminine touch that she desired, however, the gold added a premium touch. All of these elements meant she could stand out in the wedding industry. We settled on a soft teal to pair with the chosen colours, so it added another layer of depth. I further developed the calligraphy in the logo, which could be repeated for background patterns.

All of these combined elements help this cake designer branding with a premium finish and could be applied to Great Cakiness’ new website design.